Asset Management Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol., a.s.

Company Headquarters and Mailing Address:

Tomášikova 48
832 65 Bratislava
Tel: +421 850 111 888

The company is registered in the Business Register of District Court Bratislava I, Sa, 2814/B.
Business purpose:
  • establishment and management of mutual funds
  • management of portfolios consisting of one or more financial instruments based on a client´s mandate and portfolio management agreement in a segregated account as of the latest valid version of law no. 566/2001 of Collection of laws about Securities and investment services
  • advisory services regarding investment in securities based on the latest valid version of law no. 566/2001 of Collection of laws about Securities and investment services
  • for services under § 3, section 3, letters a), b) of law no. 594/2003 of Collection of Laws about Collective investment (portfolio management based on the client´s mandate and portfolio management agreement or investment management for funds established under a separate law) and for services under § 5, letters g), h), i) of Financial securities law (term agreements, options, swap agreements) is our company authorized to conduct these services only for foreign exchange and interest rate Instruments

Financial Markets Authority:
Národná banka SlovenskaImricha Karvaša 1
813 25 Bratislava
Executive Directors:Mgr. Dušan Svitek
RNDr. Roman Vlček
Adrianus J.A. Janmaat
Supervisory Board:Mag. Heinz Bednar
Christian Schön
Günther Mandl

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You can communicate with us in the following languages: Slovak and English

E-Mails:We would like to point out that we access any emails you have sent us only during business hours.

Disclaimer:This information is an advertisement. All data is sourced from Asset Management Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol., a.s. and from investment group Erste Asset Management GmbH. Our languages of communication are Slovak and English. The fund prospectus (including any amendments) is available free of charge together with the key investor document (KID) at the domicile of the Management Company and at the head office of the custodian bank. The exact date of the most recent publication, the languages in which the key investor document is available and any additional locations where the documents can be obtained can be viewed on the web site of the respective management company, in particular www.sikovnyprogram.skThis document serves as additional information for our investors and is based on the knowledge of the staff responsible for preparing it at the time of preparation. Our analyses and conclusions are general in nature and do not take into account the individual needs of our investors in terms of earnings, taxation and risk appetite. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of a fund. Please note that investments in securities entail risks in addition to the opportunities presented here. The value of shares and their earnings can rise and fall. Changes in exchange rates can also have a positive or negative effect on the value of an investment. For this reason, you may receive less than your originally invested amount when you redeem your shares. Persons who are interested in purchasing shares in investment funds are advised to read the current fund prospectus(es), especially the risk notices it or they contain, before making an investment decision.

Mutual funds ŠIP Klasik, ŠIP Balans, ŠIP Aktív are feeder funds managed by company Asset Management Slovenskej sporiteľne, správ. spol. a.s., Tomášikova 48, 832 65 Bratislava, ICO: 35 820 705, registered in Business register of District court Bratislava I, Sa, 2814/B. At least 85% of feeder´s fund assets are continuously invested into share certificates of relevant master fund.