Šikovný investičný program – as flexible as life itself: three risk levels, and many different. Invest your money in line with your own ideas. And the most important thing: your investment is at your disposal at any given time, which keeps you flexible!


Do you want to save up for your children’s education, make sure you get a pension once you have retired, or set aside money for your lifetime dream? Šikovný investičný program follows your needs. Our range of products for retail clients contains the suitable solution for your personal goals.

Investment strategy

ŠIP Klasik: in order to achieve your long-term goal, you assume only little risk when investing. Accordingly, you only expect lower rates of return.
ŠIP Balans: your investment is aimed at a decent rate of return. Therefore you are prepared to assume higher risk. However, you make sure that the risk/return profile of your investments is balanced. Capital losses are possible.
ŠIP Aktiv: you are prepared to assume high risk as long as on the other hand there is a chance of above-average return. You are aware of the possibility of capital losses.

Variables of your investment

You want to one-time invest, or save regulary monthly amount? Let’s configurate Šikovný investičný program