Šikovný investičný program Klasik (ŠIP Klasik)

ŠIP Klasik is suitable for investors who expect postitive growth of money without volatility. Our aim is to achieve a stable rate of positive growth. Our experts continuously monitor the portfolio and optimise it in accordance with the opportunities on the market. The fund management is implemented on the basis of a traceable and structured investment process.

Risk exposure

Up to 10% of assets may be invested in the stocks, either directly or via the mutual funds. In addition to shares, the fund may invest a further 10% of the portfolio in alternative investments, respectively. in non-investment bonds. The remaining less than 80% of the portfolio is permanently invested in investment grade bonds and money market instruments.

Bandwidth asset classes

The weighting of the different asset classes in the portfolio changes dynamically. The different bandwidths are determined by the chosen risk aversion/risk appetite. The goal is to achieve maximum returns while bearing in mind the risk/return profile.